The Family in Crisis: Survival Strategies That Work
October 14, 2017

The Family in Crisis: Survival Strategies That Work

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The world hates your family, your children, your marriage, and there are no shortage of opportunities for them to sneak into your life, and disrupt even the most innocent of interactions with your loved ones. There's a better way, and the Church gives us specific instructions and tools to accomplish a salvific family experience, and a safe home for all. After all, could anyone have predicted that civilization itself would begin to unravel at the seams with the plummet of morality? Yes! Everyone predicted it. The Old Testament Prophets, the Ancient philosophers (and not just the Greek ones), the New Testament Evangelists, the Fathers of the Church, the Scholastics, the Reformers, the Enlightenment moralists, the Victorian humanists, the Founding Fathers of the American Republic, all the Popes of Rome, and every single Orthodox bishop, archbishop, metropolitan, and Patriarch in history. Everyone predicted it. Everyone.

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